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We have extensive experience in High Speed DDR3 Production. We can completely finish in the First Version.


Company Introduction:

Mouse-Team Enterprises, established on 1993, was engaged in E-product Trading in its early stage, and it evolved to specialize in the industry as a PCB Layout and R&D Technical service provider since 2000.

While the company was evolving into a PCB Layout specialist, under the remarkable leadership of General Engineer Mr. Han-Ze, Li;the team has developed in the field of wireless-communication electronic industry, an overall management from maintenance engineering to the production line, and even extended to a joint-project of tech-design with the reputed western master-firm~ ODM. By such brilliant experience, we deeply realize the importance of PCB Layout that exists in the R&D process. A successful product reveals that to achieve a great PCB Layout in every connection, not only good integral program at the initial designing is required but also excellent qualified rate and cost control of large-scale production in the later phase must be considered and implemented.

Inspired with the concept, Mr. Li brought his talent in management into the company to bring Mouse-Team towards the ideological aspect of ISO; made complicated details in PCB Layout to be direct and compiled it in only one version through procedure, and reach a level of quality that is something made up by design.

We believe that all of our predecessors in the industry very well understand that the success of a merchandise, from projecting, developing, trial producing, to co-modification, in addition to propelling of software, must rely on integration of mechanical & electrical goods and comprehension to safety regulations at the hardware ends. The foresaid factors affect the enter-the-market schedule of the newly R&D merchandise, and stability of its functional work as well. In particular, due to the characteristic in Taiwan’s industry, over-detailed division of labor leads a severe lack of integration between upper and lower streams. Such being the case, we deeply acknowledged the phenomenon, therefore, we are devoted to attain a vertical integrity in the industry during the 5 years after the company's transformation; giving an elaborate strategy at the design ends on issues like safety regulation, EMS, and qualified rate in the process, and authentically carried out the idea that quality is what made by design.

Given the circumstance of tech-products being developed in 3 months, success is decided within the first or second month. How to advance the most updated and maturest application in the fastest period will be the challenge that stands in front of all of us in this age. We are no longer tolerant with money-burning and time-lavish action of trial & error, improving processes and collectively growing with our customers are both the principle and direction we hold and progress on. Mouse-Team’s target and expectations, through its efforts, is that the competition in Taiwan’s E-industry may rise up in due course.



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